Lay Leadership within Laurel Heights

Ministries and Appointments

The basic body of The United Methodist Church is the Annual Conference, where laity and clergy from all congregations gather to respond to God’s call to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Laurel Heights United Methodist Church belongs to the Rio Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church.

During Annual Conference (each June), clergy are appointed to churches and extension ministries within that particular Conference.

Committee members are elected by members of Laurel Heights (only members have a voice by their vote) at Church Conference, which usually occurs each November.

Ultimately, those who serve on committees within the church are your voice for the direction we take each year. The election of church officers is an important responsibility for church members and a solemn duty for those who serve.

As a church member, you may be asked to serve on a committee. Those who serve usually give up just an hour or so of their time each month. It’s one more opportunity we have to fulfill the promise we made when we joined Laurel Heights to support this church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness.

2016 Leadership

Download Full Lay Leadership List for 2016

Board of Stewards

Board of Stewards Chair: Nancy Ratliff
Board of Stewards Secretary: Alice Gannon
Staff Parish Relations Chair: Karen Hogan
Finance Chair: Melinda Hartson
Trustees Chair: TBE
Program Council Chair: Katie Myers
Lay Leader: Ann McGlone
United Methodist Women President: Liz Hughes
Delegates to Annual Conference: Vicki Ferguson, Ann McGlone, Kercida McClain (alternate), Thomas Sanders (alternate), Melinda Hartson (alternate), Sue Hall (alternate)

At Large Members (9):
Class of 2016: Stephen Holloway, Frank Stanage, Max Healy
Class of 2017: Richard Bauer, Mary Mayer-Oakes, Carrie Clemens
Class of 2018: Charles Villafranca, Dixie Shoopman, Jason Davis
Honorary Members: Beverly Smith, Reeves Smith

Program Council

Chair: Katie Myers
Secretary: Jeanette Morton
Properties Chair: Cindy Birdwell
Stewardship Chair: Willa Jo Beuhler
Wesley Nurse: Angela Love
Young Adult Representative: Zachary Cavazos

Education Chair: Kim Stanage
Library Chair: June McManus
Membership Care Chair: Liz Hughes
Stephen Ministry Representative: Jim Carr
Super Adult Representative: Diane Boehme
United Methodist Women President: Liz Hughes
Youth Ministry Chair: Lea Nye

Health Cabinet Chair: James Verette
Laurel Heights Youth Center Chair: Diane Boehme
Missions Chair: Clyta Coder
Neighborhood Ministry Chair: Julie Mazel
Weekday School Board Chair: Jay Greathouse

Evangelism Chair: Chance Kinnison
Worship Chair: Bruce Davis