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The highest concern of the Music Ministry must be to identify and participate in the mission of the Church. Music in the Church exists to assist the Christian in his or her spiritual journey.

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Congregational Song

One of the musical hallmarks of the congregation at Laurel Heights is its song. It is a congregation that sings heartily, and often with joyous abandon. While the liturgical and musical style at Laurel Heights can typically be described as traditional, we believe that arich and time-tested hymnody is far from a dead corporate expression of worship, but rather, remains a vital, effective, and enjoyable language for giving a unified voice to the enthusiastic hearts of God’s people.

The choirs and other musical ensembles exist to give opportunity for those possessing special skills and interest in music to return to God their gifts of music through worship. Their group interaction becomes a redemptive ministry for service and fellowship.

Other Opportunities

Apart from participation in a musical ensemble, we are happy to find opportunities for those individual vocalists and instrumentalists who would like to give expression to their gifts in worship to do so. Interested persons should contact Director of Music, Geoffrey Waite, who will happily assist in choosing repertoire, preparation of music, and scheduling the best time and place to plug in.

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