A Pastoral Letter to the Laurel Heights Congregation

Dear friends in Christ,

It is with both sadness and a deep sense of fulfillment that I have come to the decision to retire this coming summer. After 37 years in active ministry, including these last four remarkable years with the Laurel Heights congregation, I am feeling led to turn my sights in other directions, mostly related to the care and enjoyment of extended family.

The church’s Staff-Parish Relations Committee will work closely with our district superintendent, Rev. Greg Hackett as he, the Bishop, and the Cabinet of our annual conference seek to identify the best pastoral leadership for Laurel Heights beyond my departure at the end of June.

Rev. Bill Lawrence, a colleague and mentor, describes ordained ministry as “the most satisfying, fulfilling, energizing, engaging, challenging and transforming way of life one could ever ponder.” This has truly been my life experience, including during these last four years in ministry with you.

Liz and I cherish each of you and hold you in our prayers, both with gratitude for all that we have shared in this sacred journey, and with hope for all that is yet to be for Laurel Heights United Methodist Church. Meanwhile, the good work awaits us. I look forward to the ministry that is ours to share together over the next several months. 

Grace and peace,