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Can I really read the Bible in 90 Days?

The idea both intrigued and intimidated me greatly because, although I had joined classes and had been studying the Bible for over 20 years, I had never read the Bible through from beginning to end.  I had tried a few times but didn’t get far.  I knew there were some parts of the Bible that I had never read and that I might not ever read.  I had heard of other people reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation but always thought it was more than I could handle.  And, to read every day in order to complete it in 90 days seemed like an overwhelming commitment.

What’s it like to read the Bible this way?

We independently read each day for about 45 minutes and then gathered for a weekly discussion.  What I found is that, as I went along, the reading generally became easier.  Because we covered many chapters and so much material with a brisk pace, initially I worried about missing details and not understanding connections.  But, a bigger picture began to appear to me and my time with the Bible became more of an experience.  I gained perspective that I would never have gained otherwise.  Rather than short story arcs or a laser-focus, my eyes were opened to seeing the grand context of God throughout history. 

What this experience meant to me.

Experiencing the Bible in 90 days was personally meaningful and I have retained that personal impact.  I now have a deeper appreciation for God’s love and God’s pursuit of our love, and I have a deeper understanding of God’s passion for us in the kingdom of God.  I am grateful for the opportunity, the support and guidance, for the nudge, and the experience of growing in my faith by reading the Bible in 90 days.  It was an experience that I’m glad I didn’t miss! 

Be encouraged, be curious, be courageous, be blessed!

-Tricia Schneider, Buda UMC 4/27/23