Reliance: Words we Live BY 

In the scripture we shared in worship Sunday, the voice of temptation has a lot to say. The temptations as they are presented to Jesus are couched in flattery and enticements, complete with hallucinatory visions of all the kingdoms of all the earth and the very pinnacle of the temple.

Each of Jesus’ responses are one single sentence.

Jesus does not need a lot of words to confront the temptations he is faced with. In fact, it almost seems that he could be speaking the words to himself. Drawing strength from his faith, the echoes of scripture he has memorized, the words that have been tattooed on his heart, words that sustain him in this desert ordeal.

Sunday we reflected on words or phrases that sustain us over time, that give us hope or courage or joy.

I wonder what words you have tattooed on your heart?

Maybe it’s just one word?

Peace  Kindness  Grace  Mercy

Maybe it’s a phrase?

God loves me.  I belong to God. God is good all the time.

What words of faith do you carry with you for the ins and outs of daily life – the everyday temptations we all face? Perhaps you have so many you’d be hard pressed to choose just one. Or maybe your soul is desert-parched, so weary of the journey that you can barely come up with one word?

And, my friends, if that’s the case, let me give you one word to carry you through this season, the one that always, always gets me through.


Laura Healy