Rev. Lisa Straus        Inheritance     June 26, 2002             A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me if I knew what text I would be preaching on my first Sunday in my new church. I explained that the lectionary contained this very passage that Katie just shared with us. Read More

Phil 1:1-11   Thanks, and yes  

June 19, 2022 Phil 1:1-11   Thanks, and yes                                                  Paul L. Escamilla Paul is in prison in Rome, having been arrested for his open proclamation of the Christian gospel. Before his imprisonment he traveled from city to city across Asia minor, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, finding many receptive… Read More

A Reflection

June 12, 2022   John 16:12-15, Psalm 8     A Reflection               Elizabeth Escamilla Thank you for inviting me to speak today. I want to say that these last few weeks that we can be with you are very special to me. Even though Paul chose to retire rather than the bishop… Read More

Voices Three

June 12, 2022              John 16:12-15             Voices Three               Paul L. Escamilla Six times in four verses here in John 16, a part of what’s called Jesus’ Farewell Discourse, we hear the words say or speak or declare . . . And that this saying/speaking/declaring is to come from three… Read More

Love’s Fire

June 5, 2022    Pentecost     Love’s fire                                              Rev. Paul L. Escamilla When we lived in Austin, our little neighbor, Fiona, who was about three at the time, had an interesting name for this little contraption so widely appreciated by families with babies. A baby brother had… Read More

The Promise of Absence

Rev. Paul L. Escamilla – May 29, 2022 Rev. John Fawcett was serving as a pastor in little hamlet of Wainsgate, England when he was called to serve another church, this one in London, as happens in the preaching life. He’d been a good pastor in Wainsgate, and the… Read More

Straight to the Heart

Sixth Sunday of Easter – Acts 16:6-15 Laurel Heights United Methodist Church – May 22, 2022Over the years, I have been to countless baseball games. As a child, I would often take my baseball glove in the hope of catching a foul ball. It never happened. Some time ago, when… Read More

Rev 21:1-7 Behold!

May 15, 2022              Rev 21:1-7    Behold!                                     Rev. Paul L. Escamilla When I taught classes in worship at Perkins School of Theology at SMU, one student planned and led a healing service to fulfill one of his assignments. At a certain point in the service, which was held in Perkins Chapel… Read More

In the Presence

Psalm 23         In the Presence                                                Paul L. Escamilla Some of us have known the 23rd psalm, what we call the Shepherd’s Psalm, practically from our mother’s arms, and so it is deeply woven into the fabric of our faith. Others have come across it more randomly over the years—at… Read More