With Thanksgiving

Download It appears as though in the coming days and weeks we’re going to be governed more by a pandemic than by personal preferences, or as one friend put it, held in the grasp of a virus instead of the embrace of loved… Read More

Numbering our days

Download “Teach us to number our days, that we may receive a heart of wisdom.”  One of my favorite phrases in one of my favorite psalms that was put to poetry in what has become one of my favorite hymns from… Read More

Download November 8, 2020                                                                          Rev. Karen Horan Good morning.  Again, my name is Karen Horan, and I’m so glad to be with you all today.  But I have to admit, it is a bit of a strange Sunday after all that has… Read More

Tears and singing

Download The Book of Revelation contains “as many mysteries as it does words.” That was the description of Saint Jerome of the fourth century, and never since have we had a better description of that book. He was expressing what many of… Read More

Giving Hope: Given Hope

Download At the very heart of the Christian faith lies a paradox, one we tend either to resist as suspicious or way too costly, or, as we grow wiser, and our hearts more tender, to embrace as trustworthy and true and deeply fulfilling. Read More

Giving Hope: A Prayer with a View

Download Giving Hope: Praying with a View               October 18, 2020            P. Escamilla Just over 100 years ago, 28 British sailors led by Ernest Shackleton attempted to cross the continent of Antarctica. They failed before they even began. Their mother ship, the… Read More

Giving Hope . . .

Download… Read More

How can we sing

Download How We Can Sing                              September 27, 2020                P. Escamilla Overnight a pandemic has changed the world’s landscape. New rules, new restrictions, new dress codes, new vocabulary words, new precautions we must teach our children. Add to all of that a new sense… Read More

Untitled: It’s Not Fair

Download It’s Not Fair                                                     September 20, 2020                Laura Merrill Ms. Laura has already said it — “It’s not fair.” I didn’t title this sermon, but that would likely be the title first in line —”it’s not fair.” We see the unfairness immediately… Read More