Rev 21:1-7 Behold!

May 15, 2022              Rev 21:1-7    Behold!                                     Rev. Paul L. Escamilla When I taught classes in worship at Perkins School of Theology at SMU, one student planned and led a healing service to fulfill one of his assignments. At a certain point in the service, which was held in Perkins Chapel… Read More

In the Presence

Psalm 23         In the Presence                                                Paul L. Escamilla Some of us have known the 23rd psalm, what we call the Shepherd’s Psalm, practically from our mother’s arms, and so it is deeply woven into the fabric of our faith. Others have come across it more randomly over the years—at… Read More

The Nourishing Life

May 1, 2022,               John 21                        The Nourishing Life When it comes to apprehending the beauty and mystery of the spiritual life, much wisdom comes from sharing the faith practices with our children in all the ways we do. Years ago, I watched little Amelia as she slowly found her way… Read More

Praise God

Easter Sunday was glorious, wasn’t it?! The tomb is empty! Christ is risen! So, what do we do now? Now that the trumpets have been packed away, the lilies are gone, and the Hallelujah chorus is still ringing a bit in our ears. I wonder, what do we do now?… Read More

Resurrection Witness

ACTS 5:27-32 Rev. Dr. Mark Doty             We have just heard today’s lectionary lesson from Acts 5: the account of witnessing by Peter and the Apostles. The group of them had been arrested for doing ministry and put into the public prison.  During the night, an angel opened the… Read More

Reliance: Eating for Two

April 3, 2022               Philippians 3:4b-14     Reliance: Eating for Two      Paul L. Escamilla In Laurens van der Post’s novel, A Story Like the Wind, Bamuthi is something of a father figure to young Francois, who is coming of age on his parents’ ranch in South Africa. The wiseand gentle Bamuthi, who… Read More

Reliance: Mercy Without Limits

March 27, 2022  Luke 15   Reliance: Mercy Without Limit   What do we do with this story? A wayward young man, messing up his life six ways to Sunday, comes to his senses and decides to go home. With the poet he reasons that home is the place where when you… Read More

Come and See

Come and See 27March22           Today’s scripture is a story of grace … the undeserved grace of a father for his prodigal son and the abiding grace of the father for his older faithful son … evidence of a father’s choice to love carelessly when others might have expected caution… Read More

Reliance: To Sing in the Wilderness

In the tenth century the Russian prince sent emissaries to Constantinople, present day Istanbul, to survey the legendary Hagia Sophia, the stunningly ornate 6th century Byzantine Cathedral church located there. They were transported by the majesty and magnificence of that iconic place of worship. On returning home they reported to… Read More