Home by another way

Download Matthew 2:1-12   010222    Home by another way                             Who were these people? Magi from the east, that is all we know. Of course, East could be anywhere. Could have been eastern Judea, just miles from Bethlehem; could have been much further. Persia,… Read More

Home for Christmas: Christmas for Home

Download December 24, 2021     Home for Christmas: Christmas for Home           It was Christmas Eve. Liz and I were living in Atlanta where I was in seminary and she was working as a pediatric nurse. She had the 3 to 11 shift at… Read More

Home for Christmas: Annunciations

Download December 19, 2021 Luke 1:46b-55    Home for Christmas: Annunciations  Annunciation is normally used with the definite article: The Annunciation. The Annunciation refers to the announcement of the angel Gabriel to Mary that she would have a son, and call him Jesus. Read More

Home for Christmas: Regifting

Download 121221   Luke 3:7-14    Home for Christmas: Regifted                  Our theme this season is Home for Christmas, only today’s reading has us going in what seems like the opposite direction. This not a “home for Christmas” story. In this story people are leaving… Read More

Home for Christmas: Upward longing

Download 112821            Luke 21:25-36            Home for Christmas: Upward longing           A few summers ago I traveled with our  daughter, Anna, to visit the McDonald Observatory in West Texas. It was around midnight, and a group of us were gathered outside of… Read More

Alpha and Omega

Download November 21, 2021    Reign of Christ     Alpha and Omega Mitt Romney, on the campaign trail in 2008 seeking the Republican nomination for President, looked out on a crowd of supporters, shook his head, and said to his wife, Ann, who was standing… Read More

The communion of saints

Download November 7, 2021      All Saints’ Sunday      Isaiah 25:6-9               The communion of saints Later in this service we will offer up the names of beloved friends in Christ within the Laurel Heights family who have been lost to us in death since last… Read More

Semper reformanda

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Connections: Wholeheartedness

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