The Education of Jesus

Download August 16, 2020          Matthew 15: 22-28                       The education of Jesus I don’t know about you, but I don’t recognize this Jesus. A mother is desperate to find healing for her daughter, and out of his mouth come stinging words. His words are… Read More

Worshipping in a boat

Download August 9, 2020            Matthew 14:22-33                  Worshiping in a boat                 P. Escamilla The church has been portrayed with different biblically inspired metaphors through the centuries: a sheepfold, a cultivated vineyard, the building of God, the bride of Christ the body of Christ. And… Read More

Communion in our hands

Download August 2, 2020            Matthew 14:13-21   Communion in our hands                        P. Escamilla Jesus is by the Galilean lake. There’s a crowd around him, and they are growing hungry. We are told by Matthew that he took bread, blessed it, broke it, and… Read More

This binding, unbinding love

Download This binding and unbinding love                                  July 26, 2020        P. Escamilla If the letter to the Romans were a densely wooded forest — lovely, dark, and deep, intricate and entangled in its ways of expressing the gospel story — then the middle… Read More


Download July 19, 2020              Longing                       Romans 8:18-25            Rev. Paul L.  Escamilla There’s a sign this past week that has caught the world’s attention. It’s posted at the entrance of a roller coaster ride at a Japanese amusement park and it reads: “Please… Read More

Taking Root

Download Taking Root                                                    July 12, 2020                                                   Rev. Diana K Phillips Well, it’s good to be back at Laurel Heights United Methodist Church. I love coming here and worshiping here and when I’m given the opportunity to share a message or offer a… Read More


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