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Declaration of Dependence

Download John Adams died 195 years ago today, on July the 4th, 1826, 50 years to the day after the signing of our nation’s Declaration of Independence. He was a remarkable statesman and visionary—visionary to see so much possibility in the American enterprise;… Read More

Hope’s Plural

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The greatest thing

Download Scripture Reading: Mark 4:35-41Steve Haney, Liturgist SERMON: There are three great things in this scene. I don’t mean “great” the way we generally use that word—sort of a free radical that attaches to pretty much any noun in the book. Great… Read More

From such small things

Download Scripture Reading: Mark James Law, Liturgist SERMON:Transcription coming soon . . . Read More

Hiding seek

Download Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:8-13Melinda Hartson, Liturgist SERMON: When our son was four I introduced him to the classic game of “Hide and Seek.” As children often do, he misheard the name of the game and immediately began calling it “hiding seek.”… Read More

Bold Blessing

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Pentecost bridges

Download Charlotte’s Web is the beloved story of a spider named Charlotte, a pig named Wilbur, a rat, an old sheep, a lamb, and a goose, all living together in a barnyard.  E. B. White’s magical tale is about the spider and these… Read More

Ascension Sunday

Download “Remember what I told you.” It’s one of my favorite lines in the gospels, ranking right up there with, “Do not be afraid.” Repeatedly during the season of Eastertide, which is coming to a close today, Jesus says these words to his… Read More