Prickly Conversations

Download “For God so loved the world that God gave God’s only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” We know this verse well, don’t we? I mean, after all, it is the most… Read More

Etched in love

Download The Ten Commandments, sometimes called “the Decalogue,” are probably the most recognized collection of laws in Western culture. They have been memorized, summarized, generalized, abbreviated, quoted, misquoted. They’ve been paraphrased, parodied, caricatured, inverted, added to, subtracted from, and quite often just plain… Read More

Show Us the Way . . .

Download Where did you learn the stories of the Bible? Did you learn them in Sunday school? Maybe you learned them while reading the bible at home when you were growing up, or on your own as an adult. I learned the story… Read More

Messengers in the Wilderness

Download Mark’s account of Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness adds a detail not found in either Matthew or Luke: messengers. Sometimes translated “angels,” in the Bible they’re one and the same. In Mark’s brief portrayal, angel messengers get twice the coverage as… Read More

Come and See . . .

Download… Read More

Risking reverence

Download Joshua Bell is one of the world’s most gifted and renowned violinists in the classical form. With a Stradivarius violin valued at around 4 million dollars, he performs in sold-out concert halls around the globe. As part of an experiment undertaken with… Read More

Wait for the Lord

Download Yesterday marked a somber anniversary. One year ago, on February 6, 2020, Patricia Dowd, a 57 year-old resident of San Jose California, became the first American to die of Covid-19. Patricia, who was enjoying a successful career as an auditor, left behind… Read More

Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

Download It’s always an interesting experience for modern readers to encounter tales of evil or unclean spirits in the Bible. Exorcisms and demons and evil spirits were not uncommon in stories from Jesus’ time, but they’re more foreign to us, except perhaps in… Read More

Crossing over

Download What would you say is the most remarkable miracle in the gospels? Walking on water? Feeding the five thousand? Healing the blind man? Curing a woman’s daughter remotely? For me, it might be this: the calling of the fishermen. Why? Well, not… Read More