A season of consecration

Take my lips and let me sing . . .

       Take my silver and my gold . . .

              Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee.

In the coming weeks Laurel Heights will observe a season of consecration. On Sunday, September 30th we will observe a Consecration of Musical Gifts as we celebrate the rich array of musical gifts we employ — instruments, choirs, and our own voices — in the joyful work of worship. All of our choirs, along with special instrumentalists, will be on hand to assist the congregational choir in offering our praises to God. Our thanks to Geoffrey Waite for coordinating this special day.

On Sunday, October 28th, we will share a Consecration of Tithes and Offerings as we offer up our financial pledges and estimates of giving to support and bless God’s work among us in mission and ministry in the coming year. Our Stewardship Committee, chaired by Lydia Powell, is making wonderful plans for the month of October as a time to reflect on practices of giving as a dimension of our spiritual journey. Genny and Nick Campbell will be offering special reflections in writing and in worship about their own experiences of faith and stewardship.

To consecrate something means to dedicate sacredly together. To dedicate — committing something to someone; sacredly — committing that something to the holy — that is, to God; and together — committing something to God, not alone, but as a community. In a sense, the rhythm of our life together in Christ is one of consecrating ourselves, our gifts, our lives, and our common life over and over — every time we gather in the sanctuary whose centerpiece is an altar table set for God’s bountiful offering to us, and our responsive offering to God.

I look forward to sharing a special season during which an act that recurs throughout our lives, and certainly every Sunday — the shared practice of dedicating ourselves and our gifts to God — is highlighted in these beautiful and life-giving ways.

Grace and peace.

O may your house be my abode, and all my work be praise. 
Isaac Watts