Come and See What God Has Done

This is the week of Christmas, the birth of baby Jesus. A time of thrilling excitement and celebration as well as stress and exhaustion. This year brings new ways of celebration and gathering, heartbreak or hurt, but maybe the grace of slowing down and complete presence with those who you have near. We are missing some family and friends to our core, but have you found a way to connect that never would have happened without this year, are you creating special and more meaningful memories by seeing and loving those with you now? Don’t react, but sit with it. I don’t think anyone would argue that 2020 has been a year of challenges- I mean where do we even begin?! But in those challenges have you let God talk? Have you been able to find those shining mo-ments to get you through? God says he will never give us more than we can handle, and he has been pushing, but have you been able to see the Spirit winking in your direction? Challenges are hard, you can only truly appreciate them in hindsight. The bigger the challenge the more helpless you feel and the more you want to fight your way through it but also the bigger the reward if you take that leap and trust in Him. His plans are bigger. Maybe not what we want, but also maybe they are … just a much different path than the way we envisioned it. It is hard to keep this faith day in and out but especially at Christmas time every twinkle in each star is that reminder. He is there.
I would love for you to join me this Sunday at 8:30 am over Zoom for Come and See What God Has Done!
Merry Christmas and warm hugs,