Giving Hope: Faith Over Fear

I look back at what we were all experiencing during the shutdown in March and hope that never happens again. There was so much unknown about Covid-19 and how it was spread. One of the first directives was to stay home and have enough food and supplies on hand for two weeks.

Remember how we were all scrambling to the grocery store or trying to snag a curbside pickup slot to load up on food and supplies. It was impossible to escape the fear that we all felt. And the fear was real. People were getting sick and even dying. The stock market was tanking. Businesses and schools were closing. We were shuttered up in our homes, consuming too much news, and uncertain of what the future may hold.

How did many of us respond to this uncertainty? We started stockpiling even though we already had enough in our pantries. Now it seems almost comical that so many were in a panic over toilet paper. So why did we respond that way?

It’s the human condition. My Disciple Bible study class was just discussing how easy it is to fall into the trap of trying to be self-sufficient and not rely upon God. Any security we have rests in God, not in stockpiling. And yet being faithful and trusting that God will take care of us can be hard work.

When you receive your 2021 estimate of giving card in the mail later this month, join me in continuing to put our faith in God rather than the fear of awful things that might happen. It’s easy to fear an uncertain future and react by clinging to what we have. What if instead we sought to trust God just a little more, choosing to open our hands and share a portion of what we have. Together we can ensure that Laurel Heights continues to grow and flourish in its mission and ministry, Giving Hope to the world of God’s love and grace.

Susie Guven, chair of the Stewardship Committee