Looking for God’s Good Story

Laura Healy, Director of Program Ministries

During this time of uncertainty, I have felt pretty unmoored. Our little household suffered a seismic shift when the remainder of Max’s spring semester was canceled. Until then, I had not realized how well Frank and I had adjusted to his leaving the nest! As we jostled and shifted and tried to find a groove, we discovered some common ground in an unusual place.

You see, I asked for and received a new bird feeder for Christmas and it hangs from a tree branch just outside our kitchen window. We all have found ourselves gravitating to the window with a little more time to birdwatch in the past few weeks.

Then something incredible began to happen. We have seen birds this year that we have never seen in our backyard before. A painted bunting, a scarlet breasted grosbeak and just last week an indigo bunting! All of birds were colorful exclamation points among the army of little brown birds who regularly congregate at the feeder. Each one felt a little bit like the Holy Spirit popping in to say “keep watching!”

Something about returning again and again to that window throughout our day calmed us. It reminded us that no matter what problem or anxiety we were currently worrying the greater world spins on. It reminded us to believe in the reality of a close God, on a long timeline, writing a good story.
My wish for you is that you catch a glimpse of God’s good story even in times such as these.