Notes from the Faith Journey

I have been working on a song with the Laurel Choir in my “virtual rehearsal” videos titled “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.” I love this song because of its central image of each of us as sunbeams. As I’ve been teaching the kids the song itself, I’ve tried to explain how each of them has a light inside themselves and what that means. To me, shining your light means embracing who you are as a person and using your gifts to help those around you.

The song talks about being a sunbeam “at home, at school, at play.” No two people are exactly alike, so it is our task to discover what strengths we possess and then use those strengths to serve others. Our service can be done in any place, to any person, whether it is our own family, people we interact with often, or even strangers we may meet.

Another lyric that draws my attention is “Jesus wants me to be loving and kind to all I see.” As we know, the greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves. How powerful and relevant this ancient prescript still is! Would that we all could find it in ourselves to follow it more often. I find strength and hope in trying to communicate this sentiment to our fantastic Laurel Heights kids.

David Lindquist