Notes from the Faith Journey

My story of faith began as a journey of doubt and rebellion. It began as a 13 year old on a normal school day, starting as usual with catechism class. The nun, formidable appearing in her black habit, stood in front of the class of about 25 students. She began the lesson teaching not just about death but specifically our death. What followed was a lengthy, vivid and precise description of a horrifying experience. She described the sights, sounds, and even odors of an eternal torture. This was the punishment we could receive, as well as deserve for our sins.

As she continued, there was deafening silence and heavy fear in the room. At a certain point I became aware of leaning over my desk, head down with arms folded and firmly pressed into my chest. I remember raising my head as a clear thought slowly arose with the question “How do they know that?”
Adult years followed with more questions, doubts and rebellion as I searched for something I could believe rather than fear. It occurred while reading the Bible with the verse “The Spirit of God is within you.” It is hard to describe the depth of realization, understanding and healing I received in that moment.

Life gradually changed for me with this blessing of love. Lessons continue as I am in my so called Senior Years; quite a long journey from that day as a 13 year old. My guiding principles include the commandment to love one another, maintaining a spirit of gratitude in all things and continuing to learn how to live the Golden Rule.

The Spirit of God is within us.

Gerri Hurst