Notes from the Faith Journey

“Nana, did you know? Christmas is coming, AGAIN!

“ Those were words from my excited, sparkly eyed 4 year old granddaughter. Each year I try to relive and embody that excitement and wonder as I approach another Advent season. Did you know? Christmas is coming, AGAIN! This will be an Advent and Christmas like no other we have experienced. No traveling to visit family. No gathering at the table or under the Christmas tree, with extended family. No Lessons and Carols or Candlelight service. It seems the list of “noes” goes on and on. But the good news is, Christmas is coming, AGAIN!

So, I assemble my Advent wreath and set out the empty stable waiting for the Holy Family to make the journey to Bethlehem where Jesus is born. I gather my Advent and Christmas devotional readings and books. I sort through and collect music for the season. I look for movies and plan to cook some special treats. I make plans to ship gifts and write cards. I look for ways to serve and make special donations. I look forward to Zoom gatherings and online worship services. This is an Advent like no other we have experienced.But did you know? Christmas is coming, AGAIN!

Kathy Chandler