Notes from the Faith Journey: Bruce Davis

In thinking about this article, I prayed, “God, what is there to say . . .” On November 14, 2020, at our Epworth Sunday school Zoom class; God gifted me with the idea for this article.

The lesson was on Joshua 4. Joshua was crossing the rolled-back-river-waters and had the people stack stones in the middle of the river bottom. He said it marked that they had come this way. When the waters began to flow again, on the banks, he had them stack stones at that point—so as generations past by, they would hear the story and know they had come that way before.

We were asked to think of two things that reminded us that God is near every day in our faith walk. The class shared many things, like their First Communion, times spent at Mount Wesley, gifts they received from good friends, flowers, sunlight that breaks through gloomy skies, hymns, songs, anthems, places and times where faith careers were called and decided on the top of a parking garage or a touch on the shoulder. It was very emotional for all of us—we shared, laughed, cried, and became closer in our faith journey. This sharing gave me a release of tension built up so far in 2020.

Laurel Heights is our stack of stones reminding us of other Faith Journeys.

Pastor Paul has been guiding us during this year to look at our laments, name people in prayer, and asked us individually and collectively to identify where we find Hope through Jesus Christ.

I challenge you to identify two things, places, events, or other ways that let you know God is near in you life.

Peace and Grace.
Bruce Davis