Notes from the Faith Journey

I don’t think I had much of a “faith journey.” I was born into a Methodist family. Then I married Henry Holloway, Director of Music at Laurel Heights, we raised our children at Laurel Heights and continued much as I had begun. Laurel Heights has been my church home since the 4th grade.

I haven’t moved far from where I started. I was born a Methodist, although one with High Anglican tendencies and apparently I will die a Methodist since Henry and I have purchased spots in the Laurel Heights Columbarium.

I hope my faith has deepened in the years I have lived as a Methodist, but there have been no “Road to Damascus” events. The underpinnings of the church community have supported me in all the ups and downs of life. Within the community I have found the courage to lead in ways I would never have considered. Being Director of Super Adults has shown me the amazing resiliency of the human spirit. I have learned that people, no matter what their background can come together in love; that every person has a story that is interesting and unique and that listening is the greatest gift you can give.

In studying Wesleyan Theology you come across the phrase “moving on to perfection.” This is one of the tenets of Wesleyan belief. That it is possible to become better –to move toward perfection. Wesley took seriously Jesus’ invitation in Matthew 5:48, “be ye therefore perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.” My understanding is that he did not mean that we could become free from mistakes or failure, but that we could work toward perfection in love; love of our fellow man and all that requires of us.

I have faith in the future; that at some point we will decide that it is better to love and get along than to argue over issues that, in the end, do nothing to “move us on to perfection.”

Susan Holloway