Pastor’s Reflections

Beyond . . . !
Rev. Paul L. Escamilla, Senior Pastor

I continue to be inspired by the faithfulness and generosity of the Laurel Heights congregation.  As of Monday, November 11th, with 105 families or individuals indicating their commitment of financial support for the ministries of Laurel Heights in the coming year, Louise Dudley, our bookkeeper, indicates that close to half of those commitments represent an increase from the current year.  When Lydia Powell shared her plan to increase her pledge, many of us followed her lead.  Thank you, church!

Further updates on our progress to date:
Cards received as of 11/11/19: 105, totaling 617,405
Proposed 2020 Budget:  $984,775
Total pledged in 2019: $742,621
(2019 Budget: $984,775)

If you have yet to complete an estimate of giving card for supporting Laurel Heights in 2020, you can do so online at, in the offering with a card found in the sanctuary, or by email to Louise ([email protected]).

Get ready, Laurel Heights—we’re going on a journey!

 Journey to Bethlehem is our Advent theme for December, and also our church-wide prayer and fitness focus for the fall.

The distance to Bethlehem from San Antonio is approximately 7,229 miles.  Combining our “steps” from walking, running, biking, exercise class, wheelchair strolls, or other fitness activities, our goal is to arrive there by Christmas.  Keep track of your miles on your own and then log them using the purple Footprint Forms located in the dining room alcove, or on our website at (use captcha passphrase: journey).  Look for an activity conversion chart in the dining room alcove.

The journey on the street, in the fitness center, on bicycles, in wheelchairs, or measuring your steps at home, work, and school—these are all helpful ways to practice healthy lifestyles, and hopefully to enjoy some beautiful fall weather in the process.  At the same time, the inner journey is one that leads us to reflect on God’s goodness in our lives, and the promised gift to the world of a Savior, Christ the Lord.  For that purpose, Scripture verses will be provided each week, and a Prayer Room is being assembled in Room 312 as another opportunity for us to pray, to listen, to reflect on our relationship with God.  Laurel Heights, let’s journey all the way to Bethlehem!

Grace and peace,