Show Us the Way . . . A Labyrinth Reflection

When we brought our daughter Charlotte up to church recently, to walk the labyrinth, I told her we are going to take a walk and talk to God in our own way today. While Traci and I were busy removing our shoes, Charlotte took one step into the labyrinth, then decided today she would forge her own path, and took off whispering her prayers along the way.

When Traci and I entered the labyrinth, I enjoyed the silence. I am always struck by the warm peace I feel when I am blessed with moments of silence. I symbolically walked and could not help but think about others who have literally walked to find a better life for their families, or to escape a dangerous situation with nothing. I am inspired when I reflect on how many people walk directly towards danger everyday to help others in need. I find myself asking if what I do on the outside matches how I feel in my heart. So, I ask God for peace, healing, and acceptance for all and to keep guiding my feet forward today and always.

As Traci and I made our way out of the labyrinth, we found Charlotte smiling and watching us. We knelt down on her level, and said a prayer together, then left full of gratitude for this time in a place we love.

-Rush-Morton family