The Nature of Grace: A Willingness to Trust

By Rev. Paul L. Escamilla, Senior Pastor

The coming days will invite us to follow the path of Jesus from the heights of his popularity — a celebrated figure hoisted on a donkey and cheered by throngs of admirers — to the depths of his loneliness—an abandoned figure hoisted on a cross and jeered by throngs of detractors.

The week we call holy is a week that leads from rejoicing to heartbrokenness, and then to surprise by joy. Palm/Passion Sunday . . . Maundy Thursday . . . Good Friday . . . Holy Saturday . . . Easter — these are the stepping stones that lead us to one of history’s great parades before taking us to history’s greatest tragedy, and finally to its greatest miracle.

The nature of grace is to lead us through these incongruous places with a willingness to trust that God is near, and will provide for our sustenance. In the words of the spiritual: “In my trials, Lord, walk with me . . .”

So many are seeking a better story by which to live, a story that is both trustable and meaningful, generous and compassionate, hopeful and helpful for daily living. I wonder who you might know—a family member, a neighbor, a work partner or class-mate—who would welcome an invitation to share in this sacred story during Holy Week. Consider such an invitation as you plan your participation in these special observances.

Here are some of the ways we’ll gather in the coming days. I look forward to sharing the grace filled journey with you.

Grace and peace.