Water Washed and Spirit Born

The symbolic act of baptism denotes a transformation
from who we are to who we wish to become.
It is not a rite of initiation into an exclusive society.
Rather, it is an invitation to share in Jesus’ epiphany at the Jordan.

When Jesus rose from the waters of the Jordan River, He knew himself to be beloved by God;
not just the object of benevolent concern,
but beloved – chosen and held dear.

What a powerful epiphany, that a human being
can be of cherished significance to the creator of the universe.

In his ministry of love, compassion, and justice,
Jesus invited us all to create and experience
the kingdom of God on earth.
Not a kingdom of Methodists or Baptists, Catholics or Jews,

Muslims or Hindus, Democrats or Republicans, Blacks or Whites, but a universal community of humankind … the beloved of God.

Steve Haney