What Can “Joshua Build” for You?

I hope you had a chance to hear Trisch Moy give the “Ministry Minute” on Palm Sunday. What a blessing to include a “Joshua Build” and “Habitat for Humanity” as one of our Missions and Ministries. There will be special activities so that all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities can participate in a meaningful and significant way. There is no need for a passport or special training. Everyone is invited to be in ministry together, rather than just a few being in ministry in the community or as sometimes happens, to the community. I think God is best served when people come together as equals sharing from their mutual abundance and meeting the experienced needs of all involved rather than perceived or projected needs. What a great way to put your faith in action, meeting your neighbors and serving God.

Not all missions and ministries are equal. We have all heard the stories where massive amounts of used clothing poured in from all over the world after a natural disaster long after the immediate need was met or seen places where a team, who was full of excitement, was unable to finish a project leaving behind unusable structures or equipment. Habitat for Humanity says that they are not a charity or handout program,… “but rather we help families help themselves”. Before a family can move into a Habitat Home they must show a personal investment of a minimum of 300 “sweat equity” hours. Not all of God’s children possess the same skills and abilities so these equity hours are customized. Owning a home is a serious commitment and many people do not realize the responsibility that comes with the blessing. Each person is given 22 classroom hours of training on everything from maintenance and repair to money management.

For us at Laurel Heights, this is a wonderful way to be in ministry with our community. Not only are each of us likely to meet another member we may not know, we have the opportunity to meet people outside the walls of our building. People all over San Antonio are looking for ways to explore their faith and respond to God’s prevenient grace. They are looking for a faith community where they can live out their call and express their gratitude.

By participating in this “Joshua Build,” we have the opportunity to say thank you to those who, over 100 years ago, met and built the building we now enjoy. Those with a vision of a church on a hill shining as a beacon of hope came together combining their resources to build a church. This Joshua Build shares that hope.

Habitat has given me the chance to feel that I have hope for the future. For the first time in my life,   I have the time to stop worrying about my family’s survival long enough to plan for our future. – Habitat Homeowner

But most importantly, we have the opportunity to witness to our faith. We can live out what others have only heard or read about. Good works and ministries of the church should flow naturally from authentic worship and when these ministries are performed not because of our personal desires or ideals, but because God has invited us to participate in God’s initiative, we join God’s authentic worship. Worship, mission and ministry become relational, forming the horizontal bar of the cross as we love our neighbor as well as forming the vertical standard of the cross as we experience the love of God. We are bound together in ministry rather than simply actors conducting a basic transaction or exchange of goods.

See you Sunday,