Children’s Sabbath

On Sunday, at Come and See and in 11:00 o’clock worship, we will celebrate Children’s Sabbath. We will celebrate our faithful work with children here at Laurel Heights and beyond these walls.

The name of each child in our care has been hand-written on one of the ribbons that decorated the sanctuary throughout the month of October. Those ribbons of celebration and prayer will be handed to each person who attends worship on Sunday.

I invite you to pray for the child whose name is written on your ribbon throughout the coming year. The children of San Antonio and the world need your prayers as well. Let this be an invitation to include all of God’s children in your daily prayers.

The children of this church provide all of us with so much joy. Join us as we look to the future we are building together, with and for each other!

Grace & Peace & Ribbons,

Laura Healy