Full to the Brim

Are you an optimist? I am. I typically see the glass as half full versus half empty, and it is likely this quality that drew me to the Lenten theme FULL to the BRIM for Come and See. This series of art, poetry and reflection will remind us that as Christ followers we draw from a constant reservoir of living water, even in the desert of our lives.

Imagine attempting to carry a tea cup across a room without spilling a drop. The wide opening of the cup makes it all but impossible, but that’s the very essence of living Full to the Brim! We are not called to live cautiously. As Christians we are FULL to the BRIM with hopeful expectation splashing out to bring abundance to our world.

Join in the overflow each Sunday from 9-9:30 and use the beautiful devotional guide we’ll share to further energize your Lenten journey.