Let’s Make Tea: A Thank You from the Laurel Heights United Methodist Women

A Chinese proverb states that “a true warrior, like tea, shows its strength in hot water.” We can all agree that the past year has been filled with all kinds of worry, uncertainty, pressures, fear of the unknown, and few options in dealing with our “new normal.” One might say that we have been in “hot water” and have proven ourselves to be “warriors.”

Many of us have lost a tremendous amount of time with loved ones, been kept inactive from the daily routines that give us life, and some have even lost hope. In the midst of these trying times, our search for normalcy has taken creative measures.

As an organization, Laurel Heights United Methodist Women, (not exempt from the events surrounding us), continue to provide hope, encouragement, and inspiration to a community, city, state and world. With our commitment to the enrichment of the lives of women and girls every-where, in the midst of such difficult times, a “cup of tea” warms the spirit, soothes the soul, and calms the worried mind as the flavor is savored.

The Laurel Heights UMW sent out requests for engagement and participation in a STAY-AT-HOME VALENTINE’S TEA to raise funds on behalf of the many mission projects supported by our group. You responded with great generosity and enthusiasm, and we have already begun to disperse funds to our missions. In this way we celebrate 152 years of service by the United Methodist Women worldwide. We thank you tremendously for your unselfish giving. Our appreciation is beyond measure.

THANKS…You are blessed!

By Muriel Manchester,
Laurel Heights UMW

“Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.”