Notes from the Faith Journey

I have been thinking a lot about Faith Journeys lately, specifically about the three magis’ journey. In our home’s Nativity creche we intentionally place the three Kings a considerable distance from the stable, moving them closer and closer as Epiphany nears. Our kings’ journey across the mantle has had me thinking.

Who were these wise men? We know very little about them. Were they really kings? More likely they were Magi or Magicians, Astronomers, Astrologists who would have been respected in their day. I wonder why we prefer to think they were rich and important kings rather than just wise men? They followed a star on faith, hoping it would lead them to something important. The journey was not easy; it probably took them years.

Their journey was long. That has struck me in this season of COVID. Our journey through the season has not been easy. The journey has taken much longer than we anticipated. We still have not found the place where the star has come to rest. Can we keep the magis’ faith without knowing how or when it all will end? Endurance and patience are two words that come to mind. We need their faith, endurance and patience in the present to be able to make it to our own stable. Do not give up. Persevere. All words that must have been in the magis’ minds as night after night they ploddingly followed the star.

The magi were wise men; they did not travel alone. Eventually they did find the Holy One, and then God led them home. We also are not alone through our journey; we have each other. In this season may we all be wise. Let us seek the Holy One together and seek the still voice of God on our journey home.

Ann McGlone