Show Us the Way . . . A Labyrinth Reflection

Getting Back to Center
My Labyrinth Walk Experience

Walking the Labyrinth during Lent has been a spiritual practice of mine for many years. It’s my time of reflection and contemplation, which includes reading Psalm 51 or a similar penitential Psalm. It’s a time to be more intentional as I walk through the Lenten season. I am amazed at how different each walk is for me, no matter how many times I walk the same path. It’s new and different each time, much like reading the bible. Although I know the path, that doesn’t stop me from getting out of step or taking a wrong turn once in a while. Just like living life, that’s when I call upon the Lord to redirect my steps and get me back on track.

This year as I embarked on the path, I took time to enjoy the beauty of the artwork on display. I slowed my pace and stopped, taking in the colors, shadows and light of each piece. What I gleaned from my labyrinth walk is that I must appreciate all of God’s beauty. There is beauty in the Psalms, in scripture, art, people and nature and each has profound significance in God’s plan for us.

Each walk is different but the goal is the same, which is to be Christ centered.

I am thankful for God’s love and guidance and for the opportunity to walk the Labyrinth.

Andrea Knight