The gift of life

A cup of water. A loaf of bread. Some fish. A bandage. A night’s lodging. A word of comfort. A song of hope. These are all ways that people of faith—beginning in the Bible’s stories—have provided for tangible needs of friend and stranger. Elisha with a flour and oil for a poor widow (1 Kings 17). Joseph with food for his brothers (Genesis 45). The women financing Jesus’ ministry (Luke 8:3). Jesus healing a sick child (Mark 9).

We all seek ways to make a difference in the world—particularly in ways we can measure, see, know has been truly useful. In our time, here is one that is among the most significant gifts we can give: the gift of blood. Laurel Heights has a strong practice of hosting Sunday blood drives as a means of contributing to the San Antonio community’s blood supply. Since I arrived as your pastor I’ve watched many of you roll up your sleeves again and again and again to donate. When Covid forced us from the building you didn’t slow down—the Blood Mobile met us outdoors on the parking lot and safely received our donations.

Sunday is another opportunity to furnish this gift of life. If you are eligible to donate, please consider making this gift as a part of your Sunday offering. (You can register in advance here, or simply come to the gym between 9:00am and 2:00pm on Sunday.) If donating blood inconveniences you somewhat, consider that inconvenience part of the gift.

Thank you, church, for your witness of loving the stranger and serving those in crisis through your blood donations. I look forward to sharing that act of service with many of you on Sunday.

Grace and peace.